[CLOSED] Sound Issues

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[CLOSED] Sound Issues

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I think this is a pulseaudio update. I can not be sure though...

I have an LG XBoom P5. I have it connected via BT. My system sees it, and plays beautifully. BUT, whenever it shuts of, normally 30 minutes after no use, I have to wake it back up, and normally it reconnects via BT. (didn't a few times, but that was just the device going wonky, reset of it helps)

But lately, whenever I power back on my P5, some of my programs revert back to my HDMI sound. (I'm using DP, how would that matter?) This used to automatically go to my P5, not having to change it every time you turn it on. I tried disabling HDMI and onboard sound, but it still shows up as an option in Playback...


(Using Arco 19.10 I think, XFCE)

*It sorta, umm, fixed itself?*

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