[OPEN] arco repos in manjaro

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[OPEN] arco repos in manjaro

Post by jurgen69 »

i have a question .
i run in pacman all the repo's of arcolinux , so my main machine is manjaro , but for example , let say i install arcolinux xfce wil that setup under manjaro a majaro xfce or arcolinux xfce , if i install that from the arco repo , so if i logout and switch to xfce normaly i must have xfce from the arco repos is that right !!! :?
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Re: [OPEN] arco repos in manjaro

Post by erikdubois »

Use two accounts to have an xfce from Manjaro and an xfce from ArcoLinux.
In the last one you do the skel command or copy/paste of /etc/skel to home dir.
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