[CLOSED] XLunch empty launcher

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[CLOSED] XLunch empty launcher

Post by Rainer2208 »

Hi folks,

I am still a little new to Arch, Arco and XFCE, coming from Ubuntu.

A couple days ago I came across the XLunch launcher and thought I give it a try.

I have created a config file and the adjustments I try through typing xlunch in the terminal. So far so good ... everything works as expected.

Now I created a XFCE panel launcher using the command xlunch, what is the same as in the terminal. Strangely, when running XLunch through the panel launcher, it does not populate, even though the command is identical to the one I use in the terminal. Same happens when I use a keyboard shortcut.

Any idea why this happens and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [OPEN] XLunch empty launcher

Post by erikdubois »

I think I have seen this post already somewhere else and I am supposing this is a double.

Closing here
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