Hibernation / Suspend does not work

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Hibernation / Suspend does not work

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Hi there, this is my first post on arcolinuxforum! :)

I've downloaded and installed Vicyos-Gnome-Dark-v20.8.3.iso on followed hardware:

Intel Xeon X3363 (S771 modded to S775 socket)
4x 2Gb RAM
nVidia 1060 3Gb
Samsung SSD 256Gb
As I've already played with Arch and ArcoLinuxes (besides EndeavourOS my favorite "distribution") but this time, with this particular hardware - I have one annoying problem:

This machine wont go into Hibernation and I don't know how to solve this problem and where to (start to) look for it. Some log files maybe?

Namely, when I choose "Suspend" from "Power Off menu", it is like computer stuck somewhere on half-way to Hibernation.
The display goes off, I think hard drives too (have a couple ones besides that SSD which is used for system only) but fans (CPU, MoBo, PSU) never turns off.

SSD is partioned like this:
  • 32Gb for Root - Ext4
    19xGb for Home - Ext4
    8Gb for Swap
I have couple ideas on my mind like expand swap file and eventually install it again but on Btrfs file system.

It would be nice if you could suggest additional more possible solutions so I can avoid re-installation and changing "distribution" to Endavour or Salient OS, both of whose works without any issues "out of the box".

Any answer will be appreciated,

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