[OPEN] how can i take screenshot in qtile

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[OPEN] how can i take screenshot in qtile

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Hello! a im new in wm, i have use qtile for 1 month, I have the need to take screenshots, but with qtile I cannot and I have to change the environment. Yesterday I created a python script to capture the screen. How can I add the script to my qtile config to make it work.

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Re: [OPEN] how can i take screenshot in qtile

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Read the ~/.config/qtile/config.py


Key([], "Print", lazy.spawn("scrot 'ArcoLinux-%Y-%m-%d-%s_screenshot_$wx$h.jpg' -e 'mv $f $$(xdg-user-dir PICTURES)'")),
Key([mod2], "Print", lazy.spawn('xfce4-screenshooter')),
Key([mod2, "shift"], "Print", lazy.spawn('gnome-screenshot -i')),

You have the appropriate applications installed.

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