speed it up -- UEFI Mode (2019)

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speed it up -- UEFI Mode (2019)

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i have test it and my god its so fast that it wil amazing you

i use UEFI Mode and on a 4 monitors on manjaro if you have such a machine , you can install manjaro but it wil not boot (tested) for normal install.
however , i came across this video , and it make scense , if your machine have like my predator 64gb of ram , i just give my boot just 512 mb of rams , and my predator loads in 123 seconds from click the start on my computer and loads 4 monitors so fast , that all other disto's wil come far after lol.

for my manjaro that use also the repos of arcolinux , i have 4 partitions

1/boot 512mb
2/systems - root
3/swap - 6 gb (more than enuff )
on 1terabyte ssd and it is fast very fast ...

if you have problems with install on UEFI Mode follow this video here to the letter
running arco linux plasma the last version
i love arcolinux kde plasma on 4 x 27 inch monitors it os very powerfull.
running on predator old but still more powerfull than new computers :evil:

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