i3 archlinux manjaro

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i3 archlinux manjaro

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i am know 1month in arch linux full on real hardway with 3 triple monitors of 24inch and i become in love with archlinux for the first time haha..
but what i have seen , i dont know if this is in any arch system , but if i install for the first time and try to setup the nvidia ect.. and set the monitors in the right follow place , there is one thing that is not working (save in x confriguration from nvidia do NOT WORK , if you reboot every monitor jumps back how it was before , ..
however here is the solution for example manjaro i3

if you have save your nvidia settings , save it like this nvidia.conf , that wil be in your home .

open su and whatever rights you have and i put that file manual in /ect/x11/in your nvidia map (replace that nvdia.conf over the normal , reboot and know your trouble is over and your monitors are in the right place , that is the only bug that i have find in manjaro for know.

it runs damn fast , i think its the fastest , stable , smooth , in all other linux distros , my ram is 375mb from 64gb of ram whoehaha :lol:

i wil update this post with some photo's and a video , still learning ...

manjaro 18.4.4 i3 , the first one that do what i must do , everythings works like a charme xdman , popcorntime, plex , whatever it all works lol
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running arco linux plasma the last version
i love arcolinux kde plasma on 4 x 27 inch monitors it os very powerfull.
running on predator old but still more powerfull than new computers :evil:

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