there is a big problem in arch system with browsers

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there is a big problem in arch system with browsers

Post by jurgen69 »

it is the first time i see this , but i have it on 2 machines , browsers like chrome , and whatever is this in arco , manjaro or whatever arch if you go to your bookmarks , the whole damn computer frees up and you can do nothing for let say 5 min , that is the firsttime i have this and on 2 computers with different hardware , so there is something wrong with the compatible in arch , but there is always something wrong , that is why i leave the arch far begint me , there is always something that is wrong always , and that is why they fail ... nothing the do with my computers at all , if you search the internet i am not the only one with this problem , and still to day after the first topic in 2018 , this problem is still arround , that is why i wil deleted all arch thrash from my computers there is always some thing that you wil not have in ubuntu base .

arch system is for broken people if you ask me , than even windows 10 is better :evil:
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Re: there is a big problem in arch system with browsers

Post by papanyopasya »

:o Are you sure? All my systems runs better since I installed arch based on it. Chrome did not freeze, it runs a whole better than Windows 10. The only problems, Arch based distro isn't compatible with my daughter laptop, ASUS X450C, so I have to install Ubuntu based distro on it. Suck. :x
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