[OPEN] Adding a new DE to iso build?

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[OPEN] Adding a new DE to iso build?

Post by BloodWolf »

HI Everyone. Just a quick question here.
I have looked through the forum and not found this topic or instruction anywhere.

I have been trying to build an Arcolinux iso (Xfce-openbox-i3) but without openbox and i3. I would prefer just to have xfce and to be able to add one of the other WMs to the iso such as qtile, bspwm or xmonad. I prefer tiling window managers myself but I like xfce for when I am demonstrating linux to other people.

Can someone help show me what I need to edit in the scripts to make this possible? At the moment I am just installing ArcolinuxD-xfce and then using the github scripts for the other windows manager but I would much rather have a properly made iso file.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: [OPEN] Adding a new DE to iso build?

Post by erikdubois »

This will give you tips how to achieve it.

https://arcolinuxb.com/how-to-create-yo ... -workflow/
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