[OPEN] Keyboard Input Sources

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[OPEN] Keyboard Input Sources

Post by Nimda »

After running the install scripts for arco-gnome, what package on, what script do I need to #out to keep it from installing all the keyboard Input Sources? All I need is English (US).


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Re: [OPEN] Keyboard Input Sources

Post by erikdubois »

We have a "bug" that installs my Belgian keyboard for everyone. As a solution "for now" is add the most common keyboards so people just need to use the dropdown.

It is in the dconf. But our keyboard shortcuts are too.

We have not figured a way to let calamares put your keyboard in there...

Still on the todo list.

For now delete the keyboards in the gnome settings.

With every skel you get the keyboards back unless.....

you uninstall the dconf package

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sudo pacman -R arcolinux-gnome-dconf-git
I think that is the best solution.

You still have the keyboard shortcuts and you delete the keyboards one time manually.
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