[OPEN] i3 windowmanager problem

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[OPEN] i3 windowmanager problem

Post by jurgen69 »

I have testing the new version of i3 both in vmware and vrtualbox 6.0
however (i have seen more than one thing (xfce in vmware slowwwwwwwwwwww) better in virtualbox.
the problem in i3 i have is in virtualbox startup good , but the screen wil not change (resolution) in xfce login logout the same not working ..
if i go to settings i see al the setttings but whatever i do nothing is change at all ,in another distro it change direct
running arco linux plasma the last version
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Re: i3 windowmanager problem

Post by xeoncpu »

see this video

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Re: [OPEN] i3 windowmanager problem

Post by erikdubois »

You have to make sure that you start of with the right settings in virtualbox.
Since version 6.0 you need to change the setting manually to the correct one.

https://arcolinux.com/how-to-set-virtua ... -workflow/

Vboxvga is key here.
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