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[SOLVED] Editing Deepin Icons?

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[SOLVED] Editing Deepin Icons?

Post by phillipm » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:12 pm

Hello team, I'm not sure if I even should be asking this, but here goes... I love the Sardi-Ghost-Flexible set (white) I think they are stunning! but I'd like to "carry on" with them. I mean they're not "complete" they're are several apps I've selected that don't have a "ghost" equivalent so I'd like to satisfy my desktop with some additions! Am I not allowed? If I can what "base icon" do I "attack" and follow-thru with? Eric, I've searched your videos, but I'm lost, can you (team) help me... again is this a "No-No" ? My background... I'm Photoshop & illustrator savvy (mac/windows) and have used GIMP/inkscape abit. phillipm

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Re: [SOLVED] Editing Deepin Icons?

Post by erikdubois » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:30 am

You can join me on


then the sardi icons github.

You ask for new icons there.

Would be great to have a co-developer...

I have created video's how to make the sardi icons.

We should follow the look because there are 6 icon looks I make at once + surfn.
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